Born in Santiago in Chile, she belongs to a family of artists and has trained her eye in a natural way thanks to her culturally privileged upbringing.

She studied photography and began her professional work in film doing stills, she developed a path in photography within the theatre until arriving to fashion.

Her work is characterized by being carefully staged and very meticulous, she has an exceptional eye in the use of light, her dynamism and energy create a tremendous capacity to reinvent images; surprising with new work, formats and languages in every new project.

She has developed her work in distinct parts of the world, collaborating with magazines (Cosmopolitan, Vanidades, Cosas, Caras, Remix, Catalogue, Joia, 90+10, Seventeen, etc.) and also in personal projects.

Since 2011, the name Javiera has begun to appear outside of the audiovisual world.  The first instances were in the development of experimental videos during her editorial sessions, consequently she won the confidence of clients to start collaborating with brands and projects related to fashion.

Javiera is one of the most notable fashion photographers in Chile, she collaborates constantly with publications and has worked with major national and international brands. Right now she is working on her next personal project, LEATHER.

In Leather she seeks to portray actresses in a harsh and devoid way; all of them nude with elements that exaggerate their characteristics and include iconic or historically recognized gestures of femininity.